Coffee Club!

Coffee Club was a lot of fun today! Alongside our coffee and Tim Tams we played some word games – a great way to have fun, practice vocabulary and get to know each other.

First we played “charades” and Zdenek was very good at both miming and guessing!


Zdenek miming “milking a cow”

Everyone who had a go received a special white chocolate Tim Tam!


Jonas miming “surfing a wave”


Yuna deciding how to mime her action

Next we played “Aussie Heads”… 3 students had to guess the word on the card stuck to their forehead by asking questions. They could only ask questions with “yes” or “no” answers. They had to guess Aussie-related words like “shark”, “cricket” and “Great Barrier Reef”.

12172010_10156134029875612_45697008_o (1)

Ju, Yuna and Kanta


Jonas, Maria and Zdenek

The next Coffee Club will be in 2 weeks, see you then 🙂

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