New Starters! October 26


We have 7 new starters this week… Saki from Japan, Deborah, Ramen, Jonas and Luca from Switzerland, Yuna from France and Kana from Japan.

Saki Hayashi from Japan likes shopping, taking photos, jogging and music. She chose Australia because there are many cafes, and she would like to have her own cafe. Studying English is not easy but she wants to do her best!

Deborah Salian is from Switzerland and likes to go jogging or read interesting books in her free time. Next year she will study social work at university. She came to Australia to study English because she likes the weather, the landscapes and the ocean.

Ramen Meierhofer is also from Switzerland. He loves snowboarding and in Switzerland, he works as a butcher. He wants to improve his English for his studies.

Jonas Marti from Switzerland has done an apprenticeship as a carpenter, and his hobbies include mountain-biking, skiing, playing hockey and going out with friends. He wants to study English in Australia because it’s an important language for jobs in the future, and it makes travel a lot easier.

Luca Farine from Switzerland has come to Byron Bay to improve his English and learn to surf. When he goes back to Switzerland he will do his Army service and after that, he wants to study at university.

Yuna Rosseau is from France and has just finished high school. She has come to Australia to learn English, meet new people, travel and gain independence. During this gap year she wants to learn about surfing, yoga, music and discover some beautiful places.

Kana Oizumi from Japan likes to meet friends in her free time. She wants to study and improve her English because she has many friends from different countries and she wants to communicate with them more easily. In the future, she would like to open a pet salon.

We hope you all have a fantastic time at Lexis Byron Bay!

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