Happy Students – Quentin and Aurelie!


Quentin and Aurelie have been in the Cambridge class for 7 weeks. Find out more about their experiences at Lexis Byron Bay so far… 

Where are you from?

Both: Switzerland!

Why did you come to Australia?

Quentin: To improve our English first and because of the climate.

Aurelie: Because it’s warm and because we live far away, so if we come here we have to stay for a long time.

Quentin: We had quite a long time to spend and it made sense to do that now because it may be the only opportunity to come

What is your favourite thing about Byron Bay?

Aurelie: The beach! The Pass beach.

Quentin: For me it’s the surf and I really like the atmosphere of Byron, it’s relaxed.

 Is your English improving?

Aurelie: Of course! I understand my host family much better now.

Quentin: I saw a big difference between the test I did in the first week and the recent test. Also my speaking and almost everything – I can do it easier now.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying at Lexis Byron Bay?

Aurelie: For sure, they should come here, it’s amazing!

Quentin: The only negative aspect is that it’s difficult to get in touch with local people, because there are so many tourists in Byron Bay. It’s hard to speak with people who were born in Byron because there are so many people from all over the world.

Aurelie: My advice would be to go in a homestay if you want contact with locals. My host family is just amazing.

What are your plans after you finish studying at Lexis?

Aurelie: First when we graduate from Cambridge we are going to travel for 6 weeks around Australia and New Zealand. Then I think I will stay in Australia, maybe to work or maybe to study more

Quentin: For me next there will be Army Service back in Switzerland, I have no choice, I have to do it. After I will begin to study Architecture.

Thanks for chatting with me Quentin and Aurelie 🙂

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