Some Lovely Feedback


All our students go through a Four-Weekly report process, which means that after 4, 8, 12 etc weeks their teachers writes a report about their progress and takes them through it and then the student has the chance to give feedback on their teacher and their progess.

This week three students in Claudia’s Intermediate class gave this lovely feedback:

Claudia is a very good teacher and her lessons are always very entertaining. She does a lot of games and everyone takes part.

Eva Marie

I am very happy with the school and the teaching materials. My teacher is always in an absolutely great mood and ready to help at any time. Thanks!


Our teacher explains the grammar very good. She makes an example to the grammar. She is patient and makes the lesson interesting and funny. The games are funny and the grammar clearer. The essay is difficult for me but this helps me to improve my English.


Thanks Claudia for doing such an amazing job and to Eva Maria, Fridolin and Simona for taking the time to provide such thoughtful and eloquent feedback.

Claudia 001

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