Graduation 9 October 2015

This week we say goodbye to four students: Guilia and Urs from Switzerland, Alfie from Taiwan and Marc from Spain.

Guilia Coluccia left school on Thursday as she was heading straight back to Switzerland ready for work on Monday. She told me that next time she would love to come for longer and see more of Australia.


Urs Lerch was here for four weeks in the Intermediate class. His teacher said that he enjoyed  talking, worked hard and did well. He said thanks for everything and that he was sure he would meet us all again one day.


Marc Cortada Elvira first studied at Lexis when he did Paul’s FCE class in March. He then went to Lexis Brisbane before coming back down to the beach. His teacher, Jodie, said that he was “always on time” and, after this generated lots of laughter, that he appreciated sarcasm. He is not really leaving as he will staying in Byron and continuing to live next door for the foreseeable future.


Finally, lovely Alfie, Tsung-Yi Wu, is leaving Lexis Byron Bay to go and study in Brisbane. He has worked hard in his Pre-Intermediate class and leaves with an A grade. His teacher, Kathleen, said that he had a gift for explaining things to other students with good humour and lots of personality and that he would be missed.


Goodbye and good luck to all of you. We really enjoyed getting to know you.

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