New Starters! 6 October

We have 13 new starters here at Lexis Byron Bay this week – Artjan, Aiko, Heidi, Lucille, Jisoo, Maria, Erik, Takuma, Mathilde, Pascal, Shuetsu, Yuka and Ju.

Maria Maravillas Rey Muguiro is from Spain and she loves surfing! She is here in Byron Bay to improve her English before she starts university back in Spain. In Spain she worked as a surf teacher so she hopes to do the same here in Byron.

Yuka Natori is from Japan and her hobbies are travelling, surfing, diving and cooking. She has come to Byron because it is good for marine sports. She is studying English to improve her speaking skills for her job, where she has to speak with English tourists.

Jisoo Lee is from Korea and likes to ride her bike and watch movies. She hopes to improve her English speaking and writing, so that she can communicate better with friends. Before she goes back to Korea she wants to travel in Australia and New Zealand.

Ju Hoi Lee has been studying English at Lexis Noosa, and now she has transferred here to Byron Bay to continue studying. She is excited to keep improving her English and explore a new place.

Artjan Illi is from Switzerland and his interests include working with computers and helping others to use computers. Music is a big part of his life and he likes to go to concerts or parties. He also likes swimming, mountain walking and snowboarding. He wants to improve his English so he can understands other people better.

Heidi Gubler is from Switzerland and and she has come to Byron Bay to improve her English and to discover the country before visiting family in Sydney. Her plans for the future are to be healthy and stay happy.

Mathilde Noemie Leseney is from France. Back in France, she used to dance a lot and play some handball. She studied science at university and worked in different research labs before working in a medicial analysis lab for a year and a half. She would like to work in science in Australia and until then, she plans to improve her English. She also wants to learn to surf!

Takuma Youra is from Japan and he is 20 years old. He likes surfing, so surely he will have a fantastic time here in Byron Bay!

Erik Steiner is from Switzerland and his hobbies are judo, jogging, skydiving and diving. He has come to Byron Bay to learn English and see Australia. He would like to see the Great Barrier Reef and dive there.

Lucille Apaix is from France and she likes movies and TV series. She wants to study English in Australia because she wants to improve her English while discovering Australia. After 2 months at Lexis she plans to travel.

Aiko Kikuchi is from Japan and her hobbies are surfing and skateboarding. She does not have plans for the future, because at the moment she is enjoying freedom!

Pascal Moos is from Switzerland and his hobbies are fishing and partying with friends. He has come to Australia to learn English and travel.

Shuetsu Kameyama is from Japan and his hobbies are basketball and bike riding. He wants to play basketball. He has come to study at Lexis because he wants to improve his communication skills.

A big warm welcome to you all – I hope you enjoy your time here at Lexis Byron Bay!

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