Graduation! October 2

We have 3 students leaving Lexis Byron Bay this week – Hung is graduating from Upper Intermediate, Danny has moved to Lexis Brisbane and Blair is going to Lexis Noosa.

Hung graduates today from the Upper Intermediate class. Hung has been at Lexis for 13 weeks, and during that time has improved his English and had some impressive wins in our Table Tennis Tournaments! Hung said that originally he came to Byron Bay to experience the culture and improve his English, and here at Lexis his dreams have come true because he has met a lot of friends and a wonderful team of teachers. Hung said that he will cherish this relationship with everybody, and a big thank you to everyone. Goodbye and good luck Hung, we will miss you!


Hung and teacher Jodie

Danny left this week to move to Lexis Brisbane. His teacher Kathleen said Danny is a fantastic student. He is special because he is so helpful to other students and is always really generous with his time and energy. A class that has Danny in it is always laughing. Bye Danny, we will miss you!

Danny grad


Blair is also leaving to move to Noosa, after four weeks here in Byron Bay. Blair said she has enjoyed her time here and is looking forward to getting to know Noosa! Bye and good luck Blair!

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