New Starters! 28 September

We have 7 new students starting this week at Lexis Byron Bay – Cedric, Kanta, Akira, Nicole, Billy, Benji and Marine.


Kanta, Benji, Billy, Marine, Nicole, Cedric, and Akira at the back!

Kanta Ohsuga is from Japan. He is a triplet! So he has 2 sisters the same age. In Japan he works as a computer programmer, so he likes PCs. Now he is in Australia to improve his written and spoken English.

Nicole Bachmann is from Switzerland and likes to go swimming or go out with friends in her free time. She also likes to read books or watch movies. She appreciates the lifestyle in Australia, and although she is here for just one month she hopes to come back in the future.

Marine Dosogne is from Belgium and is a Psychology student, but now she is taking a break to improve her English, discover another country and meet people from around the world. After her time in Australia, she plans to go to Thailand.

Billy Babino is from a small village in Switzerland and he enjoys skating and surfing. He has complated a boat building apprenticeship and chose to come to Australia because he loves surfing and the Australian lifestyle. After studying at Lexis he plans to travel.

Benjamin Duthaler is from Switzerland and he has worked as an electrician since finishing school. He has come to Australia to learn English and he likes Byron Bay because it is not too big, and the beach is beautiful.

Cedric Esteves Fernandes is from Switzerland and he enjoys football, it is his favourite hobby. He wants to learn English so that he can travel all over the world!

Akira Kugawa is from Japan and he loves surfing, the ocean is his life! He also loves old cars and tattoos. He says that Byron Bay is his paradise.

A big welcome to you all, I hope you enjoy your time here at Lexis Byron Bay.

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