Library Visit! By Julia’s CAE Class

IMG_20150925_095407 (3)Last week, Julia’s CAE class visited Byron Bay Library. The students wrote some descriptions of their visit…

After fighting against the rain, our eyes look up to the library’s building, an appealing place, zen and spacious.

Then we met the very kind librarian who showed us the different sections of the library.

She explained to us how to join the library and how to use the different facilities.

There’s a huge range of different books on every topic you can imagine, movies, CDs and DVDs. They also provide free wi-fi for everyone and a public toilet, which is quite rare in Byron Bay!

I am surprised by the size of the library for such a little town. However, looking at the amount of people that are here now it could be even bigger.

Sounds like a great trip! It’s always fun to explore new places in Byron Bay!

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