New Starters! 21/09/15


We had 8 new students starting at Lexis Byron Bay today – Dennis, Pedro, Tomaso, Robin, Julia, Sidney, Olivia and Asa.

Dennis Gehrig is from Switzerland and likes to play video games in his free time. He also likes sports like jogging or skateboarding. In Switzerland, he is doing an apprenticeship in Software Developing. He chose to come to Byron Bay to join the surfing program here at Lexis.

Pedro Navarro Santoro is from Spain and he enjoys surfing, which is one of the reasons he chose to come to Byron Bay. He used to work as a Physical Education teacher, but he didn’t like it as he found the education system quite stressful.

Tomaso Mager is from Italy, where he is a student. Back in Italy he was studying an unusual combination of Engineering with an Economics slant.

Robin Frehner is from Switzerland. He really likes sports and has played a lot of football in the past. He also likes computers and in Switzerland, he is doing an apprenticeship as a software developer (with Dennis). Next, he would like to study Computer Science at university.

Julia Vogt is from Switzerland and enjoys outdoor activities and volleyball. At home she works in a marketing department, where she leads a small team. A friend recommended that she should come to Australia, and now she is happy to be here!

Sidney Dupont is from Belgium and at home she has a handsome cat. She enjoys sports in her free time, particularly indoor climbing. Sidney chose to live in Byron Bay because she does not like big cities.

Olivia Klein is from Switzerland and has come to Australia to improve her English for the future. After this trip she will work in an office for half a year, and one day she would like to teach children in a primary school.

Asa Hojvall is from Sweden, where she works at an elementary school with children with disabilities. She has come to Australia to study because it’s an English speaking country with sunny beaches!

Welcome, everyone! We hope you enjoy your time here at Lexis Byron Bay!

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