New Starters – 14/09/15

This week we have 9 new starters at Lexis Byron Bay – Giulia, Fridolin, Julia, Eva, Mireia, Alfie, Jin, Urs and Quentin.

IMG_20150914_112214500 (3)

Giulia Coluccia is from Switzerland and this is her first time alone in another country. Her hobbies are music and chilling with friends, and so far she loves Byron Bay.

Fridolin Schlegel is from Switzerland and says he is pleased to be here in Australia to improve his English skills, as he needs a good level of English for his next job. His goal is to learn to surf!

Julia Calderon Los Huertos is from Spain and came to Byron Bay to improve her English here at Lexis. Coming to Australia was one of her dreams, and she chose Byron because she likes relaxing, calm, small towns.

Eva Maria Schuetz is from Switzerland and in the past she did an apprenticeship as a baker. Now she has decided to improve her English because she wants to study. She loves the sea and warm weather, which is why she chose Byron Bay.

Mireia Galimany Morato is from Spain and does not like big cities, so she chose to study in Byron Bay. She needs to improve her English for her job and she loves meeting people around the world.

Alfie is from Taiwan and wants to improve his English to be better at conversations. He chose Lexis Byron Bay because he likes the weather and people here.

Jin is from South Korea and he is interested in music and basketball. He wants to study English so he can get a job. He will study and work in Byron after after that, he would like to travel.

Urs Lerch is from Switzerland and likes to surf! He chose Byron Bay because it is not too big, and he can easily get around by bike. After his time here at Lexis, he plans to travel.

Quentin Rickli is from Switzerland and arrived in Byron Bay last week. He has already explored town a little bit, and has been to see the lighthouse.

Welcome, everyone! Enjoy your time in Byron Bay!

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