Meet the FCE2 Class


Back row from left to right: Ronnie, Carmen, Tamara, Cendrine, Luana, Julie, Miguel, Blair, Chloe & Luca Front row from left to right: Alain, Danilo, Neil

We had three Cambridge classes starting on Monday. You’ve already met CAE and FCE1. Below are some quick facts about FCE2.

Ronnie is from Lucerne, Switzerland and came to Byron Bay because he likes surfing, the beach and the lovely positive atmosphere here. It’s his third time in Australia and he wants to learn better English for business and travelling.

Carmen, Tamara, Cendrine, Luana and Julie are also all from Switzerland. Carmen loves singing songs and playing soccer, Tamara likes snowboarding or go biking or horseriding, Cendrine enjoys travelling and Luana is planning to travel around Australia for three months after her course finishes and Julie has a pet.

Miguel is 25 years old and from Brazil. Back home he’s a mining engineer. He likes to skate and play soccer.

Blair  and Chloe are from South Korea. Blair lived in Noosa, before coming to Bay. She is friendly and very confidence while Chloe’s partner described her as really nice and open-minded.

Luca and Alain are from Switzerland. Luca likes sport and is interested in hip-hop music while Alain like playing soccer and drawing. He is here because he wants to learn English and get his mind free. .

Danilo from Italy likes playing volleyball and, finally, Neil, also from Switzerland is really into surfing, which is why he chose Byron. He also likes going on holiday in other countries.

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