Meet the FCE1 Class

This morning Paul’s FCE1 class asked each other some probing questions about their hometowns, their hobbies, their personalities and their likes and dislikes and then wrote a report on their partner. Below are some of the most interesting extracts from these reports (NB. I have edited/corrected these ones slightly).


Back row from left to right: Doeun, Livia, Paul (teacher) Brian, Fabricio, Elia, Jana Front row from left to right: Remo, Janosch, Simon, Benjamin, Nicole

Doeun is from South Korea. She says that Byron Bay is more relaxed than her country, which is very developed, crowded and noisy. She has just started surfing and she says she likes every music except rock or metal, but it depends on her mood. She used to be shy but now she likes meeting new people and learning with them.

Livia is from Brazil and she said that the biggest difference between here are Brazil are that here there are not many poor people and that they are used to eating different food in Brazil. She can’t surf but as soon as it gets warmer she will start to learn. Livia finds it attractive if a man is smart, funny and ambitious but should could never be with someone aggressive, rude or if he’s doing drugs.

Brian is from South Korea. He will try to find a job in Byron after he finishes his course. His country is smaller than Australia but has more people; 50,000,000 people exactly. He finds if someone is punctual and generous they are good traits but if his wife were selfish it would make him said.

Fabricio is from Lucern. He likes listening to electronic music and doing sports. In the winter he likes skiing and snowboarding.

Elia is from Obwalden. He likes snowboarding and rock classics. He wants to learn to surf.

Jana is from Zurich and describes her hometown as a beautiful place but much colder than here. She’s going to travel for one month along the east coast, when she finishes her course. She is attracted to pen with gentle, generous personalities but wouldn’t want to marry a husband who is selfish.

Remo is going to spend 6 months in Australia; 3 to study and 3 to travel. He said that in Switzerland they have to work harder and it’s busier than Byron Bay. His preferences in music depend on his mood and he like people who are funny but doesn’t like grumpy people.

Janosch is also from Switzerland and is 26. He likes the ocean and the surfer lifestyle. His passion is diving in the sea. He likes all difference kinds of music.

Simon is a 20 year old guy, who likes all kinds of sports. Before he came to Australia he finished his military service at home in Switzerland. Now he is here in Byron to learn English and enjoy the life.

Benjamin is going to travel through Australia and Asia after here. He said the biggest difference between here and Switzerland is the sea. He likes going the beach and wants to learn to surf. He finds it attractive when somebody is funny, smart and he can talk to them a lot.

Nicole is 19 years old and speaks three languages; German, English and a little bit of French. In her free time she likes going out with her friend, cooking or baking or doing different kinds of sport. She’s never tried to surf but now she’s in Australia she would like to learn. Nicole really likes people who make her laugh but wouldn’t like it if her future husband was untidy.

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