What our students say about Lexis Byron Bay!

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Yesterday, Claudia’s Intermediate class looked at the language of advertising and then wrote some copy to promote Lexis Byron Bay.

Below is the unedited versions from three of our students. The bits highlighted in bold are my favourites. It seems we have some talented copywriters in our classrooms. 🙂

Welcome to Byron Bay, the most beautiful town of Australia!

Lexis School has so many things to offer. There are 8 lovely classrooms with a lot of space and light. It’s a pleasure to go to the lessons. And what about the teachers? They’re just amazing! Really cool, here to help you, to answer all your questions.

You’ll never be alone at Lexis school! Lexis provides you many services like accommodations, kitchen, garden, a living room with sofas, tv, books and table tennis. If you don’t wanna live in  the accommodations, you can choose homestays. You’re in a house near school and maybe you do awesome activities with your host family! It’s not doubts the best way to improve your English.


Studying English at Lexis is the best way to improve your English because you always have to think in English and to speak English because of the school’s policy. You can’t speak another language than English in the school. If you’re caught speaking another language, you have to come back home. But no worries, other students are in the same situation and every student will improve his English.

At Lexis we have three hours lesson, one hour break and one hour options. At 2 o’clock, school is already finished. After you  can enjoy the beautiful and weather by going to the beach or by joining the daily school’s activities.


Byron Bay is the place to be if you’re someone relaxed and easy going. No time to complain, no reason to complain! Just enjoy life under the sun! So come to Byron and breathe free!

by Lucas Mijs

Hi everyone. Do you want to study English? If you want to study English, you should choose Lexis Byron Bay!! Why? We have lots of reasons!!

First, we don’t have many students in a class. So, you have lots of chance to speak or answer the question.

Byron Bay is a small city, but there are a lot of sophisticated, fashionable shop. You can enjoy going shopping!!! And you can go to the beach whenever you want to go.

 In this school, students and teachers are easy and friendry. And everyone likes to go out!! So you can make many friend. It’s the most important to study English. Because you can get many chance to speak. Your English will definetly improve because of this.

You should chose Lexis Byron Bay!!

This school is the best school.

by Mayu Moriguchi

Come to Lexis English in Byron Bay! Here is a lot of variety experience if you want to go the beach you can enjoy so many kind of beach and whatever you feel it. Whenever enjoy!

Although you can meet all of  global people and you can make really good friend ship. Every days you can do a lot of activity with your new friends, every night you can enjoy something funny in the pub, in the accommodation, in the student house or your friend house with your friendly friends! You also fall in Byron Bay! I’m absolutely sure!

You must be loving Byron Bay until the end of your life! Let’s enjoy your freedom! Don’t nervous your life. You have qualification enjoying your life.! You just follow your mind and chill out. You have to catch your chance. Don’t miss it!

By Donguk Kim

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