Meet the CAE class (in their own words)

Today was the first full day of lesson for the Byron’s new CAE class. To help them get to know each other and for all of us at Lexis English to learn a bit more about them all, they each interviewed another class member and then wrote an introductory paragraph about them.

And here it is. The CAE class in their own (unedited) words:

From left to right: Michelle, Miguel, Naomi, Tom, Aurelie, Raphael, Jasmin, Chris, Paola, Till

From left to right:
Michelle, Miguel, Naomi, Tom, Aurelie, Raphael, Jasmin, Chris, Paola, Till

Michelle is a very passionate soccer player in her hometown Embrach, Switzerland. She’s  working in a bank as an accountant. She’s going to stay in Byron for 3 months and then she’s going to travel all around the country for 1 month. That’s where she can fulfil her biggest wish – to see and travel a lot and just be happy.

Miguel is from Spain. He likes the sport in general like swimming, running. He likes listening  to music and reading. Miguel want to work in a place where he loves what he’s doing. Laos and Vietnam were the best places he has travelled. Miguel stay here 3 months to improve English then he would like to travel one month.

Naomi comes from Switzerland. She is staying in Australia for three months to pass the CAE and travellilng around Byron Bay. She likes sport a lot like soccer and swimming.

Tom was working for a bank before coming to Australia. Tom loves practise sport, especially water sports. He likes listening rock and house music. Tom thinks that Byron Bay is the best place where he’s been to.

Aurelie is from Montreux, Switzerland. She is here to improve her English. In Byron she can recommend to go to the lighthouse. In Switzerland she was a student and in her free time she was fencing and playing volleyball. In her life she wants to have a family.

Raphael is from Switzerland. He is going to be in Australia for 4 months and a half; 3 in Byron, studying English, and one and a half travelling around the east coast. He has already travelled for 10 days in the west coast. He is living in a homestay in Suffolk Park and he is very happy with his host mother, who is a teacher in the school. He likes practice water sports like diving, snorkelling, swimming and he wants to learn surfing. He works in a hotel.

Jasmin comes from Switzerland. The town she lives is called Duebendorf, that’s situation near Zurich. She’s here to improve her English for her future job. From Australia she haven’t seen so much yet but she was at the market in Byron and also at the beach.

Christophe is from Switzerland and he’s staying in Byron for 3 months. Before arriving here, he’s been in Sydney for 5 weeks. He enjoys playing tennis and travelling. His favourite place he visited was Benin in Western Africa.

Paola arrived here in Australia in March and has already been travelling from Cairns to Byron Bay. She lives in the accommodation in Lexis and loves all the outside sports like surfing, walking, running or climbing. She worked as a manager in a restaurant in Spain before she came here.

Till lives near Zurich. He finished his high school in June and then travelled to Greece. He’s here to improve in English, having good time and travelling after school. His homestay’s close from the school. He likes sail, watersports and fitness. He’s also interested in what happens around the world like actuality and politics.

It’s lovely to meet you all. We wish you a fantastic three months in Byron Bay.

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