Today’s New General English Starters (7/9/15)


Back from left to right: Ludovine, Sabrina, Raphaela, Silvia, Amandine, Simon, Miho Front: Kazuya

Today Lexis English |Byron Bay welcomes more than 40 new students; two FCE classes, one CAE class and eight new General English students.

In General English, we met Ludovine and Amandine from France, Miho and Kazuya from Japan and Raphaela, Sabrina, Silvia and Simon from Switzerland.

Ludovine is going to study in Byron Bay for 12 weeks and then move to Lexis Perth. She hopes to be fluent in English by the time she goes back to France, where she studies Graphic Design and works at a cheese stall.

Amandine comes from Aix en Provence in France where she work training staff in quality control for chocolate and other sweet goods. She said that she wasn’t interested in learning English in France because the teaching wasn’t good but is motivated now because she wants to do a road trip in Australia.

Miho comes from Nagoya in Japan, where she has a cute 15 year old dog. She was working in an office before she came here but wants to do something different, hopefully using her English, when she returns. She has been learning English since she was 13 and studied for a month in Melbourne when she was a high school student.

Kazuya worked in a restaurant in Japan, but always dreamed about going abroad. He wrote on his placement test this morning that he “didn’t understand it all but I’ll do my best” and will start in our Elementary class.

Raphaela has sisters called Ramona and Rachelle and worked in a drugstore in Switzerland. When she finishes studying at Lexis, she will spend two months travelling around Australia, both alone and with her friend, who will come out from Switzerland to join her for a trip from Cairns to Sydney.

Silvia works in logistics and enjoys her job. She wants to improve her English because she likes the language and also because it will be useful for her work. She likes reading books, going out with her friends and sleeping.

And finally, Simon likes music, the sea, the sun and hanging out with friends so I think Byron Bay will be absolutely perfect for him. His dream is to be able to write music in English and, hopefully, we’ll be able to help him do that.

A very big warm welcome to all of you. We hope you have a memorable time here at Lexis English.

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