Graduation 21/08/15


Suzuka asks everyone to visit her in Noosa!

This week five students graduation from Lexis | Byron Bay. However, one (Jose Isidoro Martin Martinez) had to leave yesterday and two (Yuki Asai and Jon Gonez Gaztanaga) weren’t at school today.

Still, it was a sad graduation because we said goodbye to two lovey students who have been with us for a long time. Suzuka Uehara and Minami Nankai.

Suzuka started at Lexis in April as an Elementary student and  graduates today, after 17 weeks with an “A” grade at Intermediate. She is now going to study for a further 17 weeks at the Lexis Noosa campus and told everybody to please contact her if they go to Noosa.

Minami has been here almost all long – for twelve weeks. When Minami started she was really shy and hated speaking in English. She has improved so much and leaves with an “A” grade at Pre-Intermediate. She can now communicate really easily and, even though she said that she didn’t like speaking in public, she thanked her “awesome teachers”.

We’ll miss both of you. Goodbye and good luck.


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