A huuuge well done to Mutsuki and Yuta (and Rafael but he didn’t even come to school today, and he’s coming back anyway!) for completing their courses and graduating today.

IMG_4747 Mutsuki was in the Elementary class for just 2 weeks and in that time she has done everything at lightning speed… progressed, finished exercises, styled her hair each morning! She is super speedy. And mature beyond her years- who would have thought she’s just 14 years old! We hope you come back soon Mutsuki and wish you the best of luck in the future!


Yuta has been with us for 4 weeks. His speaking improved as he moved up from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate and he participated well. He did particularly well playing poker with Julia this week! He’s now going to work as a strawberry-picker for 3 months outside Brisbane to extend his Holiday working Visa. We wish you all the best Yuta!

Congratulations to you both =D

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