New Starters in Byron this week

This week we have six new starters in Byron Bay!


Aurore from France, Nicole from Switzerland, Mayu from Japan and Danny, Lee and Choi from Korea.

Aurore is going to study in Byron for three months. She wants to have a break from working in France and to improve her English so that she can work internationally.

Mayu from Japan is going to study in Byron for six weeks and this is her first time in Australia. She is very excited!

Danny has been in Australia for 6 months already. He has decided that it is now time for him to properly study English and he is very keen to start at Lexis.

Lee and Choi are old High School friends from Korea. They are both very active and love scuba diving. They are here to have a break from work and to gain some work experience and last but not least to improve their English skills.

Welcome everyone!!

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