Welcome to Our New Starters – 3 August 2015

This week, Lexis English welcomes 3 new starters: Pol from Spain, Jenny from Switzerland and Mutsuki from Japan.


Jenny, from Switzerland is going to study at Lexis English for six weeks. This is her first time in Australia and she told me that she wants to learn English because it is an international language and it will help her to communicate whilst travelling and working. Jenny is going to travel around Australia for six weeks once she finishes studying at Lexis.

Mutsuki, from Japan, is here for 2 weeks. She is a Junior student and this is her first time in Australia. She will be joining Marie in her elementary class. When she finishes High School in Japan she wants to be a teacher.

Pol, from Spain has been in Australia for over six months. He already studied English at Lexis in Noosa and decided that it was time for a change so he came to Byron Bay. He is going to study here for another 14 weeks.

We really hope you all enjoy your stay at Lexis English. Welcome!

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