Graduation – The Magnificent Six 31 July 2015


Vicente with the whole school

Today we said goodbye to six students.

Laura Tupinamba Molina Cunha. and Pedro Ernandez Ferreira Barbosa travelled from Brazil together to do our Teen Activity Program (TAP) with surfing.  In the two short weeks they were here they became know for their loveliness; leaving “have a nice day” messages for their homestay family and bringing Laura’s teacher, Claudia, a coffee after break.

Both students did really well in class and Paul, Pedro’s teacher, said he had made a remarkable improvement in just two weeks.

Pedro and Laura

We also said goodbye to another TAP student, Marcel Dreves from Germany, who was at Lexis for just one week. Although only 14, Marcel already has excellent English and is here for a week enjoying a holiday from his parents, while they enjoy Fiji.


While Marcel was here for such a short time Gabriel Young Ferraira was here for a very long time, at 21 weeks. His teacher, Kathleen, wasn’t at school today but she had written a note for his graduation which Marie read out. In it she commented that Gabriel arrived at the school a day late and that this set the tone for his entire six months but that, when he wasn’t sleepy from his many jobs, he  was a delight to have in class.


Next we said farewell to Vicente Plaza Rincorn who has studied at Lexis for the past five weeks. He has been doing an English and Surfing program, which he also did at Lexis Noosa school last year. His teacher said that her was both mature and funny and a delight to teach and he said that he would like to come back again.


Another massive surf fan leaving today was Tom Duezet from Reunion Island. Tom studied part-time with us for four weeks and went surfing pretty much every single afternoon. He loved the surf here and said he would definitely like to come back.

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