Free August Activities 2-3pm


We’ve got some great activities lined up for the month of August. As well as all the old favourites like yoga, skateboarding, job club, coffee lounge, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, movie screening and poker we’ve got some new activities for you to try.

Firstly, on 14 August, you can learn all about a game that is extremely popular in Australia, but one that you have probably never played before – cricket. Cricket is a bit like rounders, softball or baseball. It’s easy for anyone to learn the basics and to play and our teacher Marie is a big fan of the game. It’s a great game for boys and girls to play together and a lot of fun.

The following week, we have a new workshop “Speak Like a Native Speaker” which focuses on real language and pronunciation – how to understand native speakers and make yourself understood. Also that week, we have the re-scheduled “The Sky at Night” activity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the southern night sky through a powerful telescope and to learn more about the universe.

Finally, on the 28 August, we have a brand new activity – Aboriginal art and Boomerang painting. Come and learn about the oldest culture in the world and what some of the common art symbols mean and then have a go creating your own boomerang masterpiece.

You will need to sign up to some of these activities as there are either limited or minimum numbers so look out for the sign-up sheets in reception.

Have a great month!

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