Welcome to Our New Starters – 27 July 2015


New starters Mirko from Switzerland and Marcel from Germany (back) and Yuki from Japan (front) are all doing the Teenage Residential Surf Camp with Rodolphe (far right) who started last week.

This week, Lexis English welcomes 6 new starters: Mirko from Switzerland, Marcel from Germany, Doen from Korea, Kennida (Kenya) from Italy, and Junya and Yuki from Japan.

Doen, from Korea, is here for 5 weeks before she heads up to Lexis Noosa to study Cambridge FCE. She studies Fashion Design at university in Korea but is taking a year out to learn English and discover the Australian culture.

Junya, from Japan will study at Lexis English for twelve weeks. He has already been in Australia for nearly two months and has spent that time travelling in the North and working as a fruit-picker in Bundaberg. He told me that he wants to learn English so that he can travel the world.

Kenya, from Italy has been in Australia for nearly a year. She also has a job in Byron Bay at Chichette’s Italian Restaurant. She will study at Lexis for four weeks, initially, but may stay longer. She likes playing tennis and dancing.

Mirko, Marcel and Yuki are all here doing our Teen Surf Camp, where they study English in the morning and learn to surf in the afternoon.

Mirko, from Switzerland, is here for two weeks. He is already sporty, as he likes skating, skiing and mountain biking so he should find surfing no problem! In the future, he wants to be a school teacher.

Marcel, from Germany, is only at Lexis for one week. However, his English is already really good because he studies at an international school. He is a keen skateboarder and brought his long board to Byron Bay to help him get around.

Finally, Yuki arrived late last night from Japan. It’s his first time in Australia, first time surfing and first time at English school! Even though he understands little, so far he is always smiling and seems to be having a good time.

We really hope you all enjoy your stay at Lexis English. Welcome!

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