Graduation – Goodbye and Good luck – 24 July 2015

Sadly, today is the last day for five of our lovely students: Aya, Douwe, Jun, Omar and Jacapo.


Aya Tomotaki, from Japan, has been at Lexis for three weeks in the Upper Intermediate class. She couldn’t be at graduation because she was going scuba-diving this afternoon. However, before she left, she said, “Everyone in Lexis Byron Bay are very friendly and I really enjoyed studying here. Thank you for helping us to improve our English with warm welcoming (sic)”. 


Also leaving from Upper Intermediate was Douwe Epema from The Netherlands. His teacher described him as a lovely student and he graduated with an A grade. He said that it had been “short but fun”.


The Intermediate class said goodbye to three students. First up was Junyung Shim from Korea. He has been studying at Lexis for 12 weeks. His teacher said that he didn’t always come to class but, when he did he asked extremely intelligent and thoughtful questions and was also very funny. She said that class would miss his sense of humour and cool hairstyle. June said thanks to Lexis for “good teachers, good friends and a good experience.”


Finally we said farewell to Jacapo Saccocci from Italy and Omar Cisse Ochoa from Spain. They have both been at Lexis on for four weeks and have really made the most of their time with trips and excursions. Their teacher Kathleen said that at first she thought Jacopo’s throat had been cut because he never spoke, but, that as he settled into class, he started talking all the time and now even makes jokes about his “poor teacher”. Jacopo thanked his teachers, his friends and his homestay family.

Omar told us that at first he had been scared because everything was so new and he didn’t know anybody or anything but that he had had a great time, made some good friends and loved the experience.

Safe travels to all of you and don’t forget to come back and see us sometime.

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