A Top Teen Trio


Vicente, Omar and Jacapo in the Gold Coast with other Lexis students: Alvaro, Raphael, Livia, Marco, Simone and Jose.

Vicente, Omar and Jacopo met when they started at Lexis on the same day nearly four weeks ago. From that time on, they have been inseparable and have certainly made the most of their time in Australia by joining our surfing program (Vicente) visiting the Gold Coast and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (all of them), going scuba diving (all of them) and visiting Sydney (Omar) as well as taking part in many school activities.

Today, I asked them a few questions about what they have enjoyed most about their holidays.


Vicente joins in the Skateboarding workshop on his first day at Lexis

 Vicente Plaza Rincorn ( 16 – Spain)

“Last year, I was in Lexis Noosa and so this year I decided to try another Lexis school. I decided on Byron because in pictures it looks amazing and because of the surfing too. My surfing has really improved during my time here. We surfed at a number of different beaches including Main Beach and Lennox Head. For me, Main Beach had the best waves. I liked my classes because they are different from studying in Spain, where you are taught in Spanish. There’s a lot more speaking and listening practice, which I enjoy more than grammar. On my first day in homestay I felt unsure because I didn’t know anyone or anything, but soon I  discovered that they were nice, friendly people who would help me with anything. The best things about coming to Byron Bay, for me, were the scuba diving, which I really enjoyed and the friends that I’ve made.”


Omar enjoying a Friday game of soccer (pictured with Miguel from Brazil)

Omar Cisse Ochoa  (17 – Spain)

“I wanted to come to Byron Bay because I’d heard it was small and relaxed and difficult to get lost. I liked my classes because normally studying English is boring for me but this was better. My homestay family were really lovely and had a very playful and friendly young son called Jack.I enjoyed all my excursions, even though Sydney was very short. My only regret is that the nightclubs looked so good but we were too young to get into them.”


Jacapo took second place in the Lexis Byron Bay fiercely fought Ping Pong Tournament

Jacapo Saccocci (16 – Italy)

“I chose Byron Bay because it was small and had beautiful beaches. I wasn’t disappointed. At Lexis, I had a good teacher and my homestay family were great and helped me whenever I had any problems or questions. I enjoyed all activities but, for me, scuba-diving was the best thing. It was a really good experience and one that I couldn’t have in my country.”


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