Graduation Today!

Today at Lexis Byron Bay we say goodbye to two of our students

 Fumika – Japan – 17 weeks

IMG_7225Fumika is from Japan and has been with us for just over 4 months. She is always very happy and smiling! Fumika started in our Pre-Intermediate class and worked up to the Intermediate class where she received an A! Her teacher said she was the loveliest, kindest, most popular, nicest, and pinkest student ever. Kathleen said she worked very hard in all her classes. Fumika said she couldn’t understand anything but now her English is much better thanks to her kind teachers. And, also thank you to all her friends!

IMG_7223Mike – Korea – 15 Weeks

Mike is a really nice guy from Korea and had been with us for almost 4 months. Mike worked very hard over these 4 months to move from Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate. He was a fantastic student. He is heading up to Brisbane to see more of city life. Mike said thank you guys and see you soon somewhere and sometime!

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