Weekend Madness!

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This weekend we have our Student Night at Aquarius Bar and Grill and show up between 6PM-7PM for a free drink and free BBQ. We also have the Scandinavian Film Festival starting up this week at Palace Cinemas. Also if you haven’t got them… Start trying to find some Splendour in the Grass tickets on Gumtree!the-weekend-is-1xm7cy


Looks like it’s going to be around 16 degrees during the day and 8 at night for Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be a rainy one with it being 17 during the day and 11 at night.

Going for a Movie?

Palace Cinemas


THU-FRI/MON-TUE 11.20am SAT 8.45am WED 11.00am


FRI/MON-TUE 9.20am SAT 10.45am SUN 8.50am WED 9.00am


THU 1.40pm, 4.20pm, 9.15pm FRI 11.20am, 2.30pm, 9.30pm SAT 1.40pm, 9.15pm SUN 8.45am, 9.15pm MON-TUE 11.10am, 2.30pm, 9.30pm WED 2.25pm, 9.30pm

  • Marvel's Ant-Man..Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)..Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal..? Marvel 2014

    Marvel’s Ant-Man Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)

    ANT-MAN(PG) (no free tickets)

THU 12.00pm, 4.40pm, 7.00pm FRI 12.10pm, 4.10pm, 7.10pm SAT 8.30am, 4.20pm, 6.40pm SUN 9.00am, 4.30pm, 6.45pm MON-TUE 12.10pm, 4.00pm, 7.10pm WED 11.30am, 1.50pm, 7.10pm


THU 1.50pm, 6.50pm FRI/MON-TUE 9.45am, 2.00pm, 6.50pm SAT 10.50am, 6.50pm SUN 11.20am, 6.50pm WED 4.10pm, 9.35pm


THU 11.30am, 6.40pm FRI 9.10am, 5.00pm SAT 8.45am, 12.30pm SUN 11.05am MON-TUE 9.00am, 5.00pm WED 8.55am, 5.00pm


THU 9.20pm FRI/MON-TUE 9.15pm SAT 9.00pm SUN 9.10pm WED 9.00am

  • MAGIC MIKE XXL(MA15+) (no free tickets)

THU 2.20pm, 4.15pm, 8.50pm FRI 1.50pm, 4.30pm, 9.10pm SAT 11.15am, 4.10pm, 8.30pm SUN 10.40am, 4.25pm, 8.15pm MON-TUE 1.40pm, 4.30pm, 8.40pm WED 1.30pm, 3.50pm, 9.00pm

  • NT LIVE: THE AUDIENCE(CTC) (no free tickets)

SAT 1.05pm SUN 1.00pm WED 6.15pm

  • ROYAL OPERA: LA BOHEME(CTC) (no free tickets)

SUN 1.00pm WED 11.00am

Scandinavian Film Festival At Palace Cinemasscan-film-fest-672x372

  • SCA15 ALL INCLUSIVE(18+) (no free tickets)

SAT 2.30pm

  • SCA15 BEATLES(15+) (no free tickets)

WED 6.30pm

  • SCA15 HERE IS HAROLD(MA15+) (no free tickets)

FRI 7.00pm

  • SCA15 NO THANK YOU(18+) (no free tickets)

MON 6.30pm

  • SCA15 OUT OF NATURE(18+) (no free tickets)

SUN 6.30pm

  • SCA15 RAMS(M) (no free tickets)

SAT 6.30pm

  • SCA15 THE ABSENT ONE(18+) (no free tickets)

SUN 1.45pm

  • SCA15 THE GRUMP(18+) (no free tickets)

SUN 4.15pm

  • SCA15 UNDERDOG(18+) (no free tickets)

TUE 6.30pm

  • SCA15 YOUNG SOPHIE BELL(18+) (no free tickets)

SAT 4.30pm

Gig Guide

Friday 16th July:
The Northern – The Lazys
The Rails – (7pm) Dawn Patrol
The Beach Hotel – (5pm) Leigh James (9pm) Andy Jans Brown & Cosmic

Woody’s – (8pm) DJ Neary
Saturday 17th July:
The Northern –  The Family Jordan, SacredShrines, Magic America, DJ Sammond

The Rails – (7pm) The Demon Drink

The Beach Hotel – (9pm) DJ Fonzaius
Woody’s – (8pm) DJ Neary

Sunday 18th July:
The Northern – OOZ

The Rails – (7pm) Phil Barlow & The Wolf

The Beach Hotel – (4:30pm) Ragga Jump (8pm) DJ Captain Kaine


Byron Artisan Market – Saturday – Railway Park Evening 5pm – 9pm

That’s some of the awesome things to do this weekend so go out and have fun and enjoy!

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