Graduation Today!

Today we say good bye to three students! Two of which were here for about 6 months!

IMG_7169Arthur – 21 weeks – Brazil

Arthur has been with us for almost 6 months and moved from our Intermediate class up into our Upper-Intermediate class during that time. You would often find him at our soccer, ping pong, and skating activities; otherwise he’d be out surfing. He isn’t quite leaving Byron Bay because he plans on being here for another 9 months. He said he’ll see us around and to enjoy your time here at Lexis.

IMG_7170Guilluame – 6 weeks – Belgium

Guillaume has been here a month and a half and has a very high level of English. His teacher talked about how good his English was and he graduated at an Advanced level. Guillaume said thank you to every one and to enjoy!

IMG_7172 Isabella – 24 weeks – Brazil

Isabella was with us for 6 months and over that time studied in Upper-Intermediate and in the Cambridge CAE course. She graduated at Advanced level and said thank you to all of her friends.

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