Welcome to our five new students! 6 July 2015

Today, we warmly welcome five new students: Tom from Reunion Island, Aya from Japan, Yuan Hung (Hong) from Taiwan and Maria and Jose from Spain.


Aya, Maria, Tom, Yaun Hung (Hong) and Jose.

Tom is a very experienced surfer and he chose to come to Byron Bay because his friends came last year and highly recommended it. He is still at school, but next year will study Sport at university in France.

Aya, from Japan, actually lives in Cambodia, where she is studying the Cambodian language to help in her work as a trainee diplomat and interpreter. This has been her dream job since she visited Cambodia some years ago and realised that people’s perception of the country and the reality are really different. She is at Lexis for three weeks to “remember” her English

Jose is also here for work purposes. His company in Spain has recently been taken over by Vodafone and now he needs English for his job in IT. He chose Byron Bay because he enjoys sports and wants to do lots of surfing.

Maria, who already speaks excellent English is here during her university holidays. She studies Biotechnology in Madrid, which she loves. Her boyfriend is also in Australia, studying English in  the Gold Coast and after they have finished at school, they plan to go to Thailand for an amazing holiday.

Finally, Hong will study at Lexis for 13 weeks and stay in Australia for a total of 10 months before going to Japan for a year (both on Working Holiday Visas). He told me that there are excellent job opportunities in Taiwan for people who can speak Japanese, especially in his trade (the car manufacturing industry). He also said that travelling the world is his dreams so it’s really important for him to be able to understand English spoken in any accent.

Welcome to Lexis English!

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