Graduation 3 July 2015

This week Lexis English Byron Bay is sad to say goodbye to three lovely students: Aline and Indira from Brazil and Sangwoo from Korea.10530731_687335414668306_4013032411261623504_n

Indira, pictured far right, has been at Lexis a total of 48 weeks. When she started she was a beginner and she has made amazing progress during her time in Byron Bay. She says thank you to all her teachers and staff and hopes to see us around, as she is staying in BB for a little while longer.

Aline, who asked me not to take her picture because she was shy, also studied at Lexis English for a long time. She originally enrolled for 12 weeks but then extended that to 24. When she started she was just Pre-Intermediate, but she leaves with a Grade B Upper Intermediate certificate.

Sangwoo (below) was at Lexis for just eight weeks. He didn’t come to school as often as he should have but he said that “all the teachers were super kind and they know how to teach students.”

IMG_6858      Goodbye and good luck to all three of you. We’ve enjoyed having you here.

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