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Looks like it’s going to be around 18 degrees during the day and 11 at night.

Going for a Movie?

Palace Cinemas

    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 8.30am, 11.30am, 9.00pmSUN 9.20am, 4.20pm, 9.00pm WED 9.20am, 5.15pm, 9.00pm
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 9.00am, 10.50am, 3.15pm SUN 8.55am, 11.10am WED 8.55am, 10.40am
  • 2D TERMINATOR GENISYS(M) (no free tickets)
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 9.00am, 4.45pm, 7.10pm, 9.20pm SUN 10.40am, 4.50pm, 7.10pm, 9.30pm WED 11.40am, 4.50pm, 7.10pm, 9.30pm
  • FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD(M) (no free tickets)
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 2.00pm, 4.20pm, 6.40pm SUN 11.45am, 5.25pm, 7.35pm WED 12.25pm, 4.20pm, 7.35pm
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 12.35pm, 5.00pm SUN 12.55pm, 3.35pm WED 1.35pm, 3.25pm
  • LOVE AND MERCY(M) (no free tickets)
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 1.00pm, 7.00pm SUN/WED 2.00pm, 6.40pm
  • ROYAL BALLET: LA FILLE MAL GARDEE(CTC) (no free tickets)
    SUN 1.00pm WED 11.00am
  • TED 2(MA15+) (no free tickets)
    THU-SAT/MON-TUE 10.50am, 2.30pm, 9.30pm SUN 9.00am, 2.40pm, 9.45pm WED 8.50am, 2.40pm, 9.50pm

Gig Guide

Friday 5th June:
The Northern – Battleships, DJ Taya Mills
The Rails – (7pm) Bohemian Cowboys
The Beach Hotel – (5pm) Luke & Sebastian (9pm) The Maze, The Indians
Woody’s – (8pm) DJ Neary

Saturday 6th June:
The Northern –  Vinnie La Duce
The Rails – (7pm) Betty Blissett
The Beach Hotel – (9pm) Jonny Drama & Just Sayin’
Woody’s – (8pm) DJ Neary

Sunday 7th June:
The Northern – Nick Cunningham
The Rails – (7pm) Davey Bob & The Blue Healers
The Beach Hotel – (4:30pm) The Empresarios (8pm) DJ Longtime

Byron Artisan Market – Saturday – Railway Park Evening 5pm – 9pm
Byron Monthly Market – Sunday – Butler Reserve 8am-3pm

That’s some of the awesome things to do this weekend so go out and have fun and enjoy!

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