Meet The Staff… Gioggia & Luiz from BWT

Here at Lexis Byron we would like to extend a very warm welcome to Gioggia and Luiz from Backpacker World Travel. We asked them a little about themselves and here are their answers! Welcome welcome welcome Gioggia and Luiz =D

Meet Gioggia!


How long have you been in Australia, in Byron and at BWT?
“I’ve been in Australia for nearly 2 years. I lived in the beautiful Sydney most of the time, and I moved to Byron Bay just 2 months ago, when I started to work for Backpackers World Travel.”

What brought you to Australia? Where is your favourite place?
“I came to Australia when I finished university, just for travelling…and then I got stuck for 2 years! I have been travelling the East Coast, Melbourne, and Tasmania. My favourite place is the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, I love scuba diving and snorkeling and that’s the best place to do it!”

Where have you travelled? Where would you like to travel?
“I Love travelling, that’s why I love my job so much 🙂 I traveled Europe quite a lot, I have been to Mexico twice and North Africa. Next on my bucket list are Asia and South America! The best thing I have ever done in my life is definitely sky dive in Australia…Everybody should try it:)”

What’s the one trip you would recommend in Byron? Where’s the best place to go out?
“The tour I liked the most in Byron bay is Kayaking with dolphins (after skydiving). The best place to eat in Byron is DIP, I love having breakfast there and the coffee is amazing!”

Tell us more about yourself…
“I am Italian, really active and energetic. I love extreme activities, like rafting and bungy jumping. I love surfing (even if I am still a beginner) boxing, and reading. I studied foreign languages and literature, English and French,  and I have a masters degree in Event Management. In the future I see my self managing a travel agency in Europe.”

Meet Luiz!


How long have you been in Australia?
“I have been living in Australia for 2 years and 11 months.”

How long in Byron?
“I have been living here for one month, but I have been coming here every now and then when I have a free time since I came to Australia.”

How long have you been at BWT?
“I am quite new at BWT, I started 3 weeks ago.”

What brought you to Australia?
“That is a hard one, I would say the surf was the main reason once that I’ve been surfing since I was 10 but also the people and the temperature which is similar to where I am from.”

Where have you been here?
“I have been to Sydney, Fraser, Whitsundays Islands, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.”

Where is your favorite place?
“Gold Coast.”

What about the world?

Where have you travelled?
“I have been to the United States of America, Spain (Madrid), Canary Islands (Tenerife) Indonesia (Bali, Mentawaii Islands)”

Where would you like to travel?
“Maldives, Tahiti and Hawaii.”

What’s the one experience everyone should have in their lives?
“Surfing, to be more precise to get a “deep barrel”.”

What’s the one trip you would recommend in Byron?
“East Coast trip.”

Where’s the best place to go out?
“Here in Byron, I would choose the Tree House, cause it has good food (pizzas), amazing drinks and the desserts are delicious and the atmosphere is really nice. “

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