Graduation 26 June – Goodbye to two lovely students

This week Lexis Byron Bay says goodbye and good luck to two awesome students from our Upper Intermediate class: Samira Spring from Switzerland and Isaac Perez from Spain.

Samira has been at Lexis Byron Bay for six weeks. Her teacher described her as extremely clever and also wonderful to have in class. Samira thanked all her teachers and said that she was surprised by how much she had learned in such a short time. She also said that she’d really enjoyed meeting people and making friends from different cultures.


Isaac has been here for twelve weeks and, before that, studied at Lexis Brisbane. His teacher, Anji, said he was funny and gorgeous and charming and lovely and also a great actor and that she would miss having him in class. Isaac commented that he had been lucky enough to have been taught by all of Lexis Byron Bay’s female teachers and that he had had a lovely time in Lexis. He also said that one day all the younger students would realise how lucky they were to have such an experience at their age.isaa

We’ve really enjoyed having both of you in the Lexis family and wish you all the best for whatever happens in the future.

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