English and Cooking – The Masterchef Cook Off


Raphael and Livia with their pancake creation

Yesterday the English and Cooking Options class had a Masterchef style “Mystery Box” cook off.

Two teams of students were given the same core ingredients: milk, flour, sugar, eggs, butter,cheese and chocolate and had a “pantry” of staple items to choose from too.

Team Brazil cooked pancakes and, when the found the pink food colouring, decided to make pink, chocolate-filled ones for fellow student, Fumika (because pink is her favourite colour.)


Team Belgium, pulled off a very ambitious dish; chef Guillaume made his own pastry and then created a rice pudding filling to go inside.


Both teams were so engrossed in the cook-off that the class overran and yesterday afternoon’s Coffee Club attendees got to taste the creations and select the winner.


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