Students Write a Lexis BB Brochure

Yesterday, Claudia’s Intermediate class tried their hand at writing promotional copy. They looked at different examples and then wrote an introduction to a Lexis Byron Bay brochure. Below are two of the best (unedited):

If you’re looking for a suitable place spending your amazing life, I’m sure that Byron Bay can be it for you.

Byron Bay located at east coast in Australia has a lot of nice conditions for a vacation and studying English and something else. There are many sorts of beautiful beaches where you can relax and also really good weather, wave for surfing. Before everything else, the people who live in Byron are incredibly friendly. If you come here you can immediately understand why I’m saying like that.

Are you hiring the place for studying English in Australia? I think Lexis Byron Bay is one of the quite nice school. It’s located near by downtown and beach as well, so you can go shopping easily. At Lexis, you can meet various friends from another countries. Also there are really nice staff who help your problems. In addition, especially, all teacher has ability to support improving your English.

If you’re suffering to search the school, don’t be concerned anymore. We’re waiting you. See you soon.

by Kukin (Mike) Im

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Byron Bay is a beautiful spot for studying English, relaxing and getting to know a new way of life. It’s the most popular place at the east coast for surfing. A lot of people come to have a break from the routine of life.

Lexis School offers lots of courses, from General English to Cambridge certificate. On afternoon, we have many possibilities of activities like yoga, surfing in an open building surrounded by unspoilt nature.

Lexis attracts many student of different nationalities because it’s a very particular friendly town with serious teacher mixed in.

by Marie Tournier Pichoux and Simone Masoni

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