All New Afternoon Options Classes

Every four weeks our full-time students choose what they want to study between 1 and 2pm. Today, it’s time to choose again for the next four week block and Lexis Byron Bay has put together an all new selection of Options classes to choose from:

film studies

1. FILM & MUSIC STUDIES     Pre-Intermediate plus

This classroom-based course will use movie clips and songs to develop students’ English skills.

In this class, you can expect to:

  • Watch short movie clips to learn new vocabulary
  • Watch short movie clips and discuss the topic of the film or what happens next
  • Listen to songs related to the movie, watch music videos and do vocabulary/grammar/speaking exercises
  • Learn about the language and structure of film reviews and write your own
  • Debate issues covered in the movie/song
  • Create your own scenes and short movies
  • The full movie will be screened every Thursday at 2pm with popcorn

native speaker

 2. SPEAK LIKE A NATIVE SPEAKER     Intermediate plus

This classroom-based course introduces the English of native speakers; in particular, phrasal verbs, idioms, slang and pronunciation.

In this class, you can expect to:

  • Listen to native speakers talk about a variety of topics
  • Learn and practise new phrasal verbs, idioms and slang
  • Understand the pronunciation features of native speakers and practise using them
  • Pre-Intermediate students with high level speaking skills may also be suitable for this class

english and cooking


This classroom/kitchen-based course uses the topic of food and cooking to help students gain confidence in their use of English.

In this class, you can expect to:

  • Improve your speaking skills while planning and shopping for recipes
  • Learn the vocabulary of food and cooking
  • Understand how to read and write recipes
  • Learn new cooking skills and get to taste a range of international cuisine


4. IELTS     Intermediate plus

This classroom-based course has an academic focus and enables students to develop the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

In this class, you can expect to:

  • Develop your writing skills and receive feedback on your mistakes
  • Learn a wide range of topic-based and academic vocabulary
  • Discuss and debate various world issues, such as The Environment, Gender, Climate etc
  • Complete intensive reading and listening tasks
  • You do not need to be taking the IELTS exam to enjoy and benefit from this class


5. SURVIVAL ENGLISH     Elementary/Pre-Intermediate

This classroom/excursion based course provides students with everyday functional language and then gives them opportunities to practise it in the real world.

In this class, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to go shopping, order at a bar and in a restaurant, book a hotel, make a telephone call etc etc
  • Practise dialogues with other students to build confidence
  • Go into town to practise the language in real-life situations

Make sure you’re in class this afternoon so that you can select your first and second choices. And remember, if there’s an option that isn’t here that you would like to do, let us know. We may be able to run it next time.

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