Sorry to see you go :( Graduation 12 June 2015

This week we say a fond and multicultural farewell to six awesome students: Silvan from France, Norika and Ayano from Japan, Reto from Switzerland, Andrew from Korea and Pablo from Spain. Graduation was also gatecrashed by a number of last week’s CAE students 🙂

First up was Silvan Maury from France. He has been studying at Lexis Byron Bay for 16 weeks and went from a low Pre-Intermediate to a strong Intermediate. He also maintained 98% attendance over this time.


Silvan maintained 98% attendance over 16 weeks

Next we had two students from the Pre-Intermediate Class; Noriko Ishida and Ayano Imai both from Japan.


Noriko with teacher Marie

Noriko has been at Lexis for 4 weeks and her teacher, Marie, said that she was always smiling and working hard. She also said she was shy at the beginning but now you couldn’t shut her up. Noriko told us that she would be staying in Byron Bay and that she had enjoyed life at Lexis English, had lots of fun and made lots of friends.


Ayano gave a great speech in excellent English

Ayano only started with us on Tuesday and is leaving already. She was only able to get one week away from work and heads straight back to Japan. However, Marie said that she has really made the most of her time here, made lots of friends, joined in all the activities and really benefited from the English Only Policy. Ayano gave a great thank you speech saying how much she had enjoyed her time and what lovely people she had met.

Finally, we said goodbye to three students from the Upper Intermediate Class: Reto Neuhaus from Switzerland, Andrew Jung from Korea and Pablo Macineira Lopez from Spain.


Reto said he learnt new things every day

Reto has been at Lexis for 8 weeks and has really made the most of his time here. He is now heading up to Lexis Noosa to start a CAE course. He said that he had had a great time and that he hoped to see some of the friends he’d made again.


Andrew will “play by ear” how long he stays in BB

Andrew, who was also here for 8 weeks, was described by his teacher as a funny and resourceful guy. He scored a job within a week of arriving in Byron and now also lives in an awesome apartment, which he has invited us to all visit him at. When asked how long he would stay in Byron, he received admiration from all the native speakers by saying he was “going to play it by ear.”


We will miss Pablo’s singing skills almost as much as his personality

Finally, we were all very sad to farewell live wire Pablo. Pablo was here for only seven weeks but made a huge impression on everyone, both in and out of class. He jokingly said that he had been fortunate enough to study with all the female teachers at the school! He is driving up to Noosa tonight with Reto as he also starts CAE on Monday.

Goodbye and good luck to all of you .We hope to see you back in Byron Bay one day.

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