Phrasal Verbs #6 – Run


When you were a child, did you ever try to run away from home?

Who was the last person you were surprised to run into?

Do you usually run out of money by the end before pay day?

Have you or anyone you know ever been run over?

Would you ever run for president of anything? If so what?

Do you enjoy spending your weekends running around doing lots of things or do you prefer to mostly relax at home?

Which famous person, living or dead, would you love to run off with?

In the future, do you think our cars and aeroplanes will be able to run on fuel made from rubbish?

Have you even spoken in public? If so, how many times did you run through your speech before you gave it?

Below is a list of some common phrasal verbs with Run. There are many more. Read through the ones below and add those that you don’t know to your vocabulary lists. Then click on the links to do the quizzes. You will run into even more phrasal verbs with Run. Did you know that you can check phrasal verbs in a good English/English dictionary to find meaning, example sentences and the grammar of how to use them?

run after something/someone  chase or pursue I ran after the bus, but it didn’t stop for me.
run around be very busy doing many things Sorry I haven’t had the chance to call you this week – I’ve been running around between work, school, and soccer practice.
run away move quickly away from somebody who is chasing you, or in the opposite direction from something Everyone ran away from the explosion.
run away leave home (as a child or teenager) because of problems with the family She ran away from home when she was just 15.
run for something try to be elected to a political or leadership position Mark is running for state senator.
run into someone/something meet someone unexpectedly I ran into my English teacher at the shopping mall.
run into something encounter a problem I ran into a few problems when I tried to install the computer program, so I had to call a technician.
run off something make photocopies Can you run off 200 copies of this report?
run off with (someone) abandon a husband or wife to be with a new lover The actor left his wife and three kids and ran off with a 20-year-old model.
run on something powered by Electric cars run on electricity, not gas.
run out have none left We ran out of beer at the party, so we had to go buy some more.
run over something/someone hit a person or thing with a vehicle (car, train, truck) She’s upset because she ran over a cat while driving home from work.
run over take more time than planned The meeting ran over, so I was late for my next appointment.
run through explain quickly Let me run through the schedule for the tour.
run through practice or rehearse a play, performance, song, or presentation by doing the whole thing from beginning to end I’d like to run through the presentation one more time to make sure everything’s perfect.
run up something do something that causes you to owe a large amount of money , favour or time My parents ran up a debt of $10,000 on their credit cards.

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