Cambridge Ends! Huge Graduation Today!

Today at Graduation we said goodbye to so many of our  students including those in the Cambridge courses FCE and CAE, and 3 from our General English Courses. Even (myself) Grant our activities officer graduated today with his last day here at Lexis!

IMG_6996Leo – Italy – 4 weeks – Intermediate

Leo was with us for just a month but worked very hard in his classes and asked good questions and was very focused. He said thank you to all his teachers and classmates and will be heading north to travel some more. He hopes to see everyone again soon.

IMG_6998Vitor – Brazil – 16 weeks – Upper-Intermediate

Vitor was with us for about 4 months and did very well in his classes moving up from Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate during his time here. He said he had an amazing time here and his advice was to enjoy Byron Bay it’s the best place in all of Australia!

FCE Class – 12 Weeks – Switzerland, Spain, and Basque Country


Paul’s FCE class graduated 8 students today. Ramona, Alex, Sandro, Marc, Martin, Gus, Raphael, and Paola.

CAE Class – 12 Weeks – Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands


Julia’s CAE class graduated 9 students today, 2 a few weeks ago, and 2 will be staying with us longer. Theo, Pedro, Samy, Julian, Juliana, Lorena, Isabella, Yannis, Tiffany, Jose, and Nina were all at the graduation ceremony. They all said that Julia was a wonderful teacher and worked very hard to get them to improve their English as much as possible. Led by Jose they gave Julia some flowers and a nice card as well.

IMG_7005IMG_1440Grant – 22 weeks – California

I also say goodbye to Lexis and so kindly got to “Graduate” with the students today! A big thank you to everyone here at Lexis it has been a wonderful time. I loved getting to meet so many people from different cultures and countries and find out so much about the world. Nice to know I have so many friends around the world now. Can’t wait to visit everyone sometime soon!

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