Goodbye Grant (sob sob)

In some ways it only seems like five minutes since Grant joined the Lexis team in January,  in other ways it seems like he’s been here forever.

One thing is certain – we will miss him next week when he is gone. As our students know Grant is from California and he started working at Lexis Byron Bay in January on a Working Holiday visa. Unfortunately, this means that he can only work for the same employer for six months so, apart from a few weeks in July when he’ll be back to work with  our surfing juniors, this is goodbye. 🙁


Grant cooking his famous Mexican BBQ

Grant has provided awesome (one of his favourite words) student and administrative support throughout his time at Lexis and also run some fabulous activities. He has got students making animals noises, singing karaoke and doing salsa and has presided over some extremely competitive games of ping pong, soccer, volleyball and poker. He also proved to be a super chef when he created a delicious Mexican BBQ.

Here in the office, we will miss his sarcasm, his competitiveness and his loud shirts and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “don’t be a stranger.”

To find out a little more about Grant and his strange hobbies, take a look at one of his first ever posts from January this year, where he introduces himself to you all.

Goodbye and good luck Grant. Missing you already!


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