Jobs around Byron Bay this week!

Live In Nanny

We have 2 beautiful boys, an energetic 5 year old (soon 6) and a very happy 1 ½ year old.

I am a stay at home mum and my husband works in Sydney 3 days a week, my family are all overseas and I am looking for extra support with my children and the house.

For my eldest son we are looking for someone who has the can be active, have a good sense of humour, be creative, happy to play boy games and sports, think on the spot, be flexible within themselves and have a good sense of boundaries. For the youngest, you will need to understand the routine and demands of a toddler and marvel in new adventures. You will also enjoy running a house and happy to put your hand to anything. We require a confident driver with a min of 3 years driving experience and a clean full license. It would be an advantage if you enjoy cooking and have knowledge of and connections to the Byron area.

Our 5 year old is at Kindergarten 4 days a week at The Cape Byron Steiner School and my little one is at homes and enjoys outings. This role may include some school drop offs and pick-ups as well as assisting in getting ready for school, after school activities, play dates and outings, cooking, bath time and bedtime. Also I need help with the daily running of the house, which will include meal planning and preparation, shopping, laundry and general tidy of kitchen, play room, bedrooms and living areas. We have a cleaner so that is not expected.

As a family we are fun loving, caring and interested in wholeness and well being. For this role you will genuinely want to work within a family environment, you will have a joyful, grateful, responsible and caring disposition. You will naturally be organised, willing to be flexible and have a good attention to detail. You will be attentive, have a ‘happy to’ attitude and …… ‘simply be fantastic’!

  • Position available June 1st for 6+ months
  • Board: 3 meals a day, we are primarily eat chicken, fish and vegetarian.
  • Lodgings: A beautiful home in Byron, with your own bedroom, veranda bathroom and mini kitchenette in a separate part of the house. TV⁄DVD, mobile phone allowance and internet included
  • Wage: $300-$350 per week
  • Hours: 40 hrs a week – mainly mornings and afternoon to bed time.

If this position is of genuine interest to you please message us your CV, references and a little description about you and why you would suit the position. 0421990151 – Laurie

Farm Work Help

We are looking for help on our farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We are situated midway between Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Bangalow on a 50 acre property. We are ideally looking for a travelling couple willing to live on the property and help with an assorted variety of tasks around the farm, the household and be able to help out with our 2 young boys if and when needed. Must love animals, especially dogs and have your own transport. Previous experience on a farm would be helpful.

Cleaner WANTED

Heart and Soul Health Clubs Byron Bay is seeking a cleaner!

Approx 5-6 hours per week

Preferred Monday for 2-3 hrs and Thursday 2-3 hrs

Must have own ABN number

Preferred own equipment.

Immediate start

The duties include: mopping, whipping down gym equipment, vacuum, dusting, cleaning bathroom, sweeping etc.

Also there is a house in which an of the time is to be spend on tidying the common areas.

If you think this might suit you, please send an outline and contact details of your cleaning history to

If you have any further questions please send an email.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Heart and Soul Team!

Woofer Wanted


Chef Wanted

We are looking for a Chef, to work in our new take-away food ⁄Restaurant in Byron Bay.

Would prefer someone who specialises in Meat.

Full time ⁄ part time available.

Please call Michelle 0438662741.


for the famous Glen Villa Resort. Must have a pleasant personality & a genuine desire to work. Please, no emails or phone calls, apply in person


Brunswick Heads Cafe, 3-4 days per week possible full-time position. Please phone 6685 1355


An exciting career opportunity has become available to join our dynamic kitchen team. 24hrs per week with the potential to increase the position to permanent part time as hours permit. Desired qualities: • Fully qualified chef with minimum 3 years experience • Passionate about creating healthy spa cuisine and an ability to deal with special dietary needs • Well presented • Comfortable working alone and with a keen eye for detail • Flexibility with covering breakfast and lunch or dinner shifts as required (no split shifts, each shift 8 hrs) All resumes to

Production Person Salumi Australia

is seeking an experienced and dedicated person to join our hardworking production team. Must have excellent knife/ boning skills for this fulltime position with immediate start, no travellers. Send resume to:


required for 3 days/wk processing and reconciliations work with the Splendour/Falls Festival group. MYOB experience preferred. Email CV to

Packaging Personnel Salumi Australia

is seeking experienced packaging persons with preferably food handling experience to join our packaging team. Fulltime and casual positions available with immediate start, only hardworking, reliable and dedicated persons need apply, no travellers please. Send resume to:


required in Myocum for approx 35hrs/wk. Needs to be proficient in MS Word & Excel. Please email resume & references to admin@ attention to Peggy


must be experienced in coffee, part-time position. Apply in person at Village Bakehouse (next to IGA Sunrise) Byron


Experience preferred in hotels & motels, must be local. Please email applications & CV to: info@byronbaysidemotel.

Coffee Club!

Today’s activity was coffee club. Everyone decided they wanted to be outside despite the weather not being the best but everyone still enjoyed warm coffees, Tim Tams and good conversations. Some of the topics were about movies and some about what it was like in school back home.


June Stirring his Coffee with a chopstick!


Shota and Satoru Chatting away!


Lan and Marco listening intently


Andrew and DK deciding who will take the last Tim Tam

Meet the Students – The Lovely Pablo Macineira Lopez


Everyone at Lexis loves 24 year old Pablo Macineira Lopez from Spain, because he is not only a great student but an incredibly sociable guy (and a “great” singer – check out the video below). He’s currently on a break between his degree (Physical Education) and his Masters (Teaching) and will stay in Byron Bay for 7 weeks before heading to Lexis Noosa to do the Cambridge Advanced Certificate.

He told me today that he has wanted to come to Byron Bay since he saw photos of the lighthouse when he was 15 and that he’s really enjoying his time here, not least because he’s an extremely passionate surfer.

Tell me about your surfing

Football used to be my passion and surfing was my hobby. Unfortunately, when I was 16 I injured my ankle and my dreams of being a professional football player were over. That’s when surfing took over. I’ve recently been working as a surf instructor in Spain and I would like, in the future, to work as a surf coach, helping top surfers to improve their performance.

In Byron Bay, I really like surfing at Tallows Beach; that’s where the best waves are. I try to go every morning and I’ve just bought a new wetsuit so that I can keep this up throughout winter. There’s a great surfing community here and I’ve met surfers from all over the world.

Apart from the surfing, what else do you love in Byron Bay?

Really just walking around; people watching in the streets and in front of main beach or walking in beautiful natural surrounds on the beach and in the surrounding bushland.

And what’s the best thing about studying at Lexis English?

The English Only Policy. I love the total immersion. In Spain we are taught English in Spanish, but here we are taught in English and then we also use English during the breaks and activities. It’s a really good way to learn. Plus, the classes are really interesting and interactive. We are not just sitting down studying but moving around, doing different activities, having discussions etc. The time goes really fast.

Finally, what have you learned in your time at Lexis Byron Bay

Life goes so fast so you have to make the most of it. Don’t look back – always look forward.


Phrasal Verbs #4 Take


Part 1. Look at the example sentences and answer the questions that follow:

John is such a funny guy. He takes after his grandfather.

  1. Was John’s grandfather funny?
  2. Is John like his grandfather?
  3. What does take after mean?

We took down the Christmas decorations on January 5.

  1. Where were the Christmas decorations on January 4?
  2. Where were the Christmas decorations on January 6?
  3. What does take down mean?

I’m working on an urgent project that’s taking up all my spare time.

  1. Do I have any free time at the moment?
  2. Why/why not?
  3. What does take up mean?

Part 2. Look at these example sentences. Can you work out the meaning of the phrasal verb from the context?

  1. My friend lost his job and his apartment, so I took him in for a month.
  2. Do you have time to take on a new project?
  3. I’m sorry I said you were stupid. I take it back.
  4. In the last few years, social media sites have taken off all over the world.
  5. He’s taken to tennis like a duck to water.

Part 3. Look at these definitions. Can you work out which phrasal verb they refer to?

  1. return something to a store
  2. leave the ground and go up into the air
  3. go with somebody to a restaurant or movie and pay for their food or ticket
  4. start doing something regularly
  5. make clothing smaller so that it fits you

Now you can check your answers by using the table below.

How many of these phrasal verbs did you already know? How many are new to you?

Remember to write your own personal example sentence for any new ones.

If you want to practise some more with phrasal verbs with take, click on this link and try the quiz

take after somebody have a similar appearance or personality (especially a relative) She takes after her mother – they have the same green eyes and curly brown hair.
take something apart separate something into parts The technician is taking apart the TV so that he can fix it.
take something back return something to a store The jeans I bought were too small, so I took them back and exchanged them for a larger size.
take something back admit that something you said was wrong I’m sorry I said you were stupid. I take it back.
take something down remove something that is on a wall or that is temporary or to separate a structure into parts After the circus was over, the workers took down the big tents.
take something down write information on paper She took down my address and phone number and said she’d call me later.
take someone for something accept or believe someone is that thing I could have taken him for your brother
take somebody in let somebody live in your house My friend lost his job and his apartment, so I took him in for a month.
take something in receive and understand information The instructor spoke so fast that I couldn’t take in all the information.
take something in make clothing smaller so that it fits you I love this dress, but it’s a little too loose. Could you take it in an inch?
take off leave the ground and go up into the air What time does the plane take off?
take off become successful or popular very fast In the last few years, social media sites have taken off all over the world.
take off leave a place suddenly He was at the party for about 15 minutes, and then he took off.
take something off remove a piece of clothing from your body I always take off my shoes as soon as I get home.
take something off not go to work for a period of time Jamie took three days off to go skiing in the mountains
take something on accept some work or responsibility Do you have time to take on a new project?
take somebody on hire or employ somebody The company has taken on three new staff members.
take somebody on fight or compete against somebody In tonight’s boxing match, Antonio will take on an undefeated boxer from Argentina.
take somebody out go with somebody to a restaurant or movie and pay for their food or ticket I’m taking my girlfriend out to dinner on our anniversary.
take something out remove something from a place I took the letter out of the envelope.
take something out on somebody treat an innocent person badly because you are tired or angry about something else Hey, I know you had a terrible day at work – but don’t take it out on me!
take over something take control/dominate I don’t like being in Sally’s team because she always takes over everything.
take to somebody/something start to like someone or something or to start something and be good at it He’s taken to tennis like a duck to water.
take to something start doing something often She was so depressed she took to drink
take somebody through something explain something to somebody in detail Let me take you through the procedure for operating this machine.
take up something fill space or time These books are taking up all the space in my room.
take up something start doing something regularly I’ve recently taken up yoga.
take somebody up on something accept an offer or invitation “When you travel to China, you’re welcome to stay at my house.”

“Really? I might take you up on that!”

take something up with somebody complain to someone about a problem If you don’t like the way I do my job, take it up with my manager.

Activities with DK

DK and Livia

DK has been with us for a few weeks now. He is a very funny guy, from South Korea, in our Pre-Intermediate class. DK has been very busy in  the afternoons going to many of the daily activities that we offer here in Byron Bay. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions about Byron Bay, the school, and the activities.


Slacklining in the Garden!

What do you think about the activities here at Lexis?

I am too shy to do yoga so I don’t like that one. I like the outside activities like volleyball and soccer.

What is your favourite activity?

I like the Slacklining!


Our Skateboarding class taught by Flavio!

Do you like that there are different activities every day?


How do you like the school and classes here?

Its very nice. Marie my teacher is so kind and patient with me, so I like that too.

How do you like Byron Bay?

It’s very green and clean and not polluted. I like it here and there are kind people.


DK enjoying a taco at our Mexican BBQ Activity

Josie’s Music and Film Quiz


This afternoon Josie put her Movies and Songs class to the test with a tricky quiz about movies and music. The winning team scored 37 and won a packet of Tim Tams.


Below are the questions (and answers). See how well you would do. And no cheating…

  1. Can you name 2 bands or musicians that played at Byron Bay Blues Fest in April? (2 point)
  2. Who directed the film A Clockwork Orange? (2 points)
  3. Can you name 3 films starring Brad Pitt? (3 points)
  4. Can you name 10 different music genres? (1 points)
  5. Can you name one movie that is showing in the cinema in Byron Bay at the moment? (1 point)
  6. Who sang the song Bohemian Rhapsody? (1 point)
  7. How many members were in the English pop group the Beatles? Can you name any of them? (1 point / then 1 point for each member)
  8. Which famous English rock group sang Satisfaction? (1 point)
  9. Can you name 6 movies that were trilogies (or more than 3)? (6 points)
  10. Which company bought Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4 billion? (2 points)
  11. NAS, Mos Def, A tribe Called Quest and N.W.A. are all artists of which type of music? (2 points)
  12. Who sung the 2013 hit song Happy? (1 point)
  13. Who starred in the movie Forrest Gump as the title role? (1 point)
  14. Can you name 4 Disney movies? (4 points)
  15. Can you name 3 films directed by Quentin Tarantino? (3 points)
  16. Can you name 3 horror movies? (3 points)
  17. What type of music do they play at the Ginger Pig in Byron Bay on Monday nights? What is the name of the night? (1 points / 2 points)
  18. What countries are these types of music originated from? a. J-pop b. Funk carioca  c. Samba  d. techno  e. K-pop  f. drum and bass  g. flamenco h. Brit pop (8 points)
  19. Who played the 2 lead roles in the film Titanic? (2 points)
  20. Can you name 4 stringed instruments? (4 points)

_____________ points out of 55


  1.  George Clinton, Jurassic 5, Xavier Rudd, Paul Kelly, G-Love and Special Sauce, Ben Harper, Jimmy Cliff, Paolo Nutini, David Grey, Counting Crows
  2. Stanley Kubrick
  3. Inglorious Basterds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Snatch, Fight Club
  4. Rock, punk, pop, hip hop, classical, funk, soul, RnB, house, techno, drum and bass, reggae, ska, indie, blues, metal
  5. Pitch Perfect 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Woman in Gold, A Royal Night Out, Avengers: Age of Ultron, While We’re Young
  6. Queen
  7. 4 / Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison
  8. The Rolling Stones
  9. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Indiana Jones, the Matrix, the Hunger Games, Twilight, Jason Bourne, Toy Story, The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs
  10. Disney
  11. Hip Hop
  12. Pharrell Williams
  13. Tom Hanks
  14. Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid
  15. Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill, From Dusk til Dan, Reservoir Dogs, Desperado
  16. Jaws, Saw, the Evil Dead, Carrie, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  17. Reggae, the 4’20’ Sound
  18. a. Japan b. Brazil c. Brazil  d. USA  e. Korea  f. England  g. Spain  h. Britain
  19. Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Winslet
  20. Guitar, cello, violin, double bass, viola, ukulele