Meet the Students – The Lovely Pablo Macineira Lopez


Everyone at Lexis loves 24 year old Pablo Macineira Lopez from Spain, because he is not only a great student but an incredibly sociable guy (and a “great” singer – check out the video below). He’s currently on a break between his degree (Physical Education) and his Masters (Teaching) and will stay in Byron Bay for 7 weeks before heading to Lexis Noosa to do the Cambridge Advanced Certificate.

He told me today that he has wanted to come to Byron Bay since he saw photos of the lighthouse when he was 15 and that he’s really enjoying his time here, not least because he’s an extremely passionate surfer.

Tell me about your surfing

Football used to be my passion and surfing was my hobby. Unfortunately, when I was 16 I injured my ankle and my dreams of being a professional football player were over. That’s when surfing took over. I’ve recently been working as a surf instructor in Spain and I would like, in the future, to work as a surf coach, helping top surfers to improve their performance.

In Byron Bay, I really like surfing at Tallows Beach; that’s where the best waves are. I try to go every morning and I’ve just bought a new wetsuit so that I can keep this up throughout winter. There’s a great surfing community here and I’ve met surfers from all over the world.

Apart from the surfing, what else do you love in Byron Bay?

Really just walking around; people watching in the streets and in front of main beach or walking in beautiful natural surrounds on the beach and in the surrounding bushland.

And what’s the best thing about studying at Lexis English?

The English Only Policy. I love the total immersion. In Spain we are taught English in Spanish, but here we are taught in English and then we also use English during the breaks and activities. It’s a really good way to learn. Plus, the classes are really interesting and interactive. We are not just sitting down studying but moving around, doing different activities, having discussions etc. The time goes really fast.

Finally, what have you learned in your time at Lexis Byron Bay

Life goes so fast so you have to make the most of it. Don’t look back – always look forward.


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