Graduation Day!

Today we say good bye to two very awesome student!

IMG_6881 Madoka – 12 weeks – Japan

When Madoka first got here she was in our Elementary class and was just a beginner with English. over the past 12 weeks she has worked hard to improve from not being able to speak to now making a lot of friends from different countries using English. She said she was happy to have so many friends and thank you.

IMG_6884 Luca – 3 weeks – Italy

Luca came here to improve his English in the middle of all his travelling and wasn’t sure where he was going to next. But while he was here he studied hard and got very strong grades. He is now taking off again to do more travelling. He said he is sorry to leave and see you all soon. Also that he would wait in Italy for us to visit!

Good luck on your travels you two!

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