What do you think of the English Only Policy at Lexis English? Please Comment:

We ask this question of all departing students in our GRADUATING STUDENT SURVEY. Below are all the comments from the students who finished their studies at Lexis Byron Bay this month:

Very good. Now I have friends from different countries. Sven (Switzerland)

We need this rule and I think everyone do it very well. Sora (Korea) 

I agreed with the “Only Speak English Area” rule at Lexis English. Valentin (Switzerland)

I think very good policy.  Crystal (Korea)

I think that it’s very important. Keiko (Japan)

Good for improve my English. Hokuto (Japan)

The policies are right and useful for improve the English even in break time. Luca (Italy)

Very good. Heejun (Korea)

It’s great, really useful and works well. Marie Theres (Austria)

A very good rule. Very effective! Joelle (Switzerland)

And only one (very naughty)…

I broke it sometimes when I was with just one other person. Linard (Switzerland)

keep calm

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