Upper-Intermediate Students Search for Abstract Nouns

Josie’s Upper-Intermediate class went on an excursion today to find examples of abstract nouns derived from common adjectives. After taking and presenting photo which they felt illustrated the noun, the class voted for best. The two winners were “Happiness” by Pablo and Vitor and “Solitude” by Isaac and Andrew.

Creativity - Miguel and Samira

Creativity – Miguel and Samira

Art - Isaac and Andrew

Art – Isaac and Andrew

Happiness - Pablo and Vitor

Happiness – Pablo and Vitor

Loyalty - Miguel and Samira

Loyalty – Miguel and Samira

Sadness Isaac and Andrew

Sadness Isaac and Andrew

Sadness - Pablo and Vitor

Sadness – Pablo and Vitor

Solitude - Isaac and Andrew

Solitude – Isaac and Andrew

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