Phrasal Verbs #3 – Look


Can you complete these sentences? Use the table below to help you.

 after – back – down – for – forward – into – on – on – on – out – over – to – to – up – up – up

Everybody just looked _______ as the two men fought.

He looks _______ _______ his father.

I am looking _______ _______ travelling to New York next year.

I takes time to look _______ new vocabulary words.

If you ever travel to California, you should look me _______.

I’m looking _______ my keys. Have you seen them?

Look _______, there’s a black widow spider on the wall.

She’s so conceited. She looks _______ _______ everybody else.

The police are looking _______ the murder.

When I look _______ _______ my childhood, I often feel angry.

When I’m camping, I look my shoes _______ before I put them on.

When my sister goes on vacation, I look _______ her dog.

If you’re still not sure, you can check the answers here:

Now add an example sentence. Remember, if you make the example personal you won’t forget it.

Phrasal Verb                     Meaning Example Sentence
look after something take care of (a child, a house, a pet)
look back on something to remember nostalgically
look down on something see as inferior
look for something to seek or search for
look forward to something anticipate with pleasure
look into something investigate
look on observe as a spectator
look out be careful, pay attention, heed a certain danger
look something over examine, review
look something up search for (in a dictionary)
look something up locate and visit
look up to something respect, admire someone

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