CAE 5 Minute Lessons!

Today the Cambridge Advanced Exam class held some student-led 5 minute lessons. There were a quite a few interesting things on offer such as the boxing class by Julian, a line-dancing lesson by Juliana and a lesson in making the fastest paper airplane by Theo.


Boxing taught by Julian!


Juliana teaching Line Dancing!


Isabella teaching Advertising


Theo teaching the fastest paper airplane


Jose teaching soccer skills


Lorena making an Elephant out of an apple!

Outside in the sunshine, Tiffany gave a lesson on plaiting essentials while Isabella presented an interesting and colourful introduction to advertising and Samy talked about lots of different aspects of Arabic culture and lifestyle. Pedro gave an informative account of museum studies and Jose was a real pro in teaching some soccer skills. Last but not least, Lorena taught the students how to make an elephant out of an apple, something her mum used to do to encourage her as a child to eat up her fruit and vegetables. What a great way to finish the week!

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