A Day in the Life of Lexis Byron Bay

Ever wondered what happens all day at a language school? All these pictures were taken at Lexis Byron Bay in the last 24 hours to show what a typical day looks like. It was an unusually chilly night last night, which explains the surprising number of hats and hoodies being worn in our usually extremely pleasant climate.

8am – 9am

Many of our students surf before class. Meanwhile at school, Miguel the student cleaner, the teachers and the office staff begin to arrive.


9am – 10am

Students are in class for the first 90 minute lesson. Today one class is enjoying having part of their lesson in the sun, while the rest are studying, more traditionally, in their classrooms.


10am – 11am

Break time is between 10.30am and 10.45am. Ping pong is always popular during the breaks. Meanwhile other students cook a late breakfast or relax and chat (in English, of course).


11am – 12pm

Everyone is back in class for the second 90 minute lesson. Claudia’s Pre-Intermediates are doing pairwork while Anji’s Upper Intermediate class are discussing new vocabulary.


12pm – 1pm

Lunch is from 12.15pm until 1pm. While some students are using the large, industrial kitchen to cook their lunch, others are chatting, doing ball tricks or just hanging out in the sunshine.


1pm – 2pm

It’s Options Class time for full-time General English students, while the Cambridge classes continue with their exam preparation. Julia’s CAE class head outside for a mingle activity, while Marie’s Movies and Songs class are in the student lounge preparing for, and watching, a film.


2pm – 3pm

Today’s free activity is slack-lining. So a group of students gather in the garden to have a go. Meanwhile, teacher Sammy is providing homework assistance, writing feedback, conversation practice and advice for students in GIL (Guided Independent Learning) and CAE student Jose is doing some extra listening test practice. As it’s a beautiful day, other students are grabbing their surf boards and heading to the beach.


3pm – 4pm

All scheduled activities are over for the day, but a group of boys set up their own football game in the gardens while star students Zoe and Madoka do some extra study in the sun.


4pm – 5pm

Most students have left for the day but the office is still open for anyone needing assistance and a few teachers are still here preparing their classes for the morning.


At 5pm the school offices and classrooms close for the night and the students who live on-site have the kitchen, lounge and gardens to themselves to cook dinner, watch TV, play games chat and relax. All until 8am the following morning when everything starts again!

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