New Starters 11.5.15


Today we welcome 4 new starters with us here in Byron!

Thiago comes from Brazil and will be here with us for 3 months! He is an artist who specializes in drawing and graffiti and  he is really looking forward to improving his English! He was meant to come here 8 years ago but his trip was cancelled and now he has finally made it!

Leo comes to us from Italy. He is travelling Australia with friends and and decided to stop here in Byron for a month to improve on his english skills. At home he is a reality TV cameraman!

Sangwoo is from South Korea and wants to learn English and Chinese to help him travel and work internationally in marketing.He has spent the last 6 months working in a chicken factory in Brisbane!

Shota comes from Japan and wants to learn English so he can travel the world. He loves the culture, weather, nature, and surfing here in Australia and decided to study his English here because of that. He just finished University where he studied Business Management!

Make sure to say hello to these guys they are all really nice and pretty funny!


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