Graduation Today!

Today we say goodbye to 4 of our students.


Linard and Fabian – 4 weeks – Switzerland

These two were our Professional Cross Country Skiers who won their 4 weeks with us on a radio show through an agent. Their teachers said they were a pleasure to have in class. They both said they enjoyed their time here and had a lot of fun. They said it was a pleasure to meet everyone and thanked everyone for being so friendly and nice.

IMG_6755Sven – 8 weeks – Switzerland

Sven has been here for 8 weeks and really enjoyed his time here. He English has progressed quite a bit and has gotten a lot better. Sven is now heading off to go travelling!

Sora – 8 weeks – Korea

Sora is leaving us today as well but wasn’t present for graduation.

Good luck to everyone and save travels!!!

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